Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our New Blog

Hello friends,

Well, here we go.  This is our new "Mike & Ramel in Ireland" blog.  Actually it is a blog in progress, with a long way left to go, obviously.  This first post is just a test to see what the page might look like.  Our goal is to create an interesting blog where you can check in often and keep up with our comings and goings, see some pictures of our recent adventures, and learn about current prayer requests.  We'll also post things that move us either to tears, or to laughter, or to our knees.

If you are reading this then we consider you to be either a partner or a potential partner.  Either way, we are honored that you have dropped by.  Come back often.

Your Ireland bound friends,
Mike and Ramel Wilson


  1. I don't see a link on your blog to follow it on blogspot. Can you add that link from your dashboard?

    1. Hi Paul. Thanks for reading the blog, and thanks for the heads up. I'll try to figure out how to set up that link.

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